Rachel Corbett

Rachel Corbett is a writer, podcaster, radio and TV presenter from Sydney, Australia and writes for some of Australia's largest publications including The Daily Telegraph, News.com.au and Mamamia.

She's also a  regular guest on television shows including The Today Show, Paul Murray Live and The Project and is the creator of online podcasting course, Podschool.com.au

Find out more at www.rachelcorbett.com.au

Daily Telegraph

Admit it, Trump lovers, the President gets things wrong

Ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt entered the Oval Office in 1933 the achievements of each administration have been measured by the fairly unrealistic yardstick of the first 100 days. Lucky for Roosevelt, he had the benefit of a Congress left reeling after the Great Depression, who would have pushed anything through to get the country moving again. He also didn’t have to deal with people shouting outrage on Twitter every five minutes.

Mel B should be congratulated for speaking out

As the sordid details of Mel B and Stephen Belafonte’s marriage breakdown are splashed over the tabloids it’s hard to imagine whether any good can come of this. Nobody likes their dirty laundry aired in public, particularly when you work in an industry where your image is directly linked to your career opportunities. But if the allegations of abuse, threats and cheating turn out to be true this will be more than just salacious click bait for voyeurs who take pleasure in watching celebrity relat

Nicole Kidman’s skin isn’t amazing due to a $25 product

Another day, another celebrity endorsement as Nicole Kidman becomes Neutrogena’s latest Global Brand Ambassador. It’s a smart move by the company since she’s obviously wrapped in a pretty impressive epidermis, but whenever a celebrity steps out to endorse a product and people use it as their sole motivation to buy said product I’m always a little confused. You genuinely think her smooth, alabaster, age defying skin is the result of a product you can buy for $25 at Chemists Warehouse? Good for you.
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