Rachel Corbett

Rachel Corbett is a writer, podcaster, radio and TV presenter from Sydney, Australia and writes for some of Australia's largest publications including The Daily Telegraph, News.com.au and Mamamia.

She's also a  regular guest on television shows including The Today Show, Paul Murray Live and The Project and is the creator of online podcasting course, Podschool.com.au

Find out more at www.rachelcorbett.com.au

Daily Telegraph

Al Gore’s movie is a casebook for real power existing outside politics

Former Vice President Al Gore has been asked many times whether he’s interested in running for office again and his answer is always the same: “I’m a recovering politician.” I’m not sure whether you can be ambitious enough to get that close to the White House and ever get politics completely out of your system but I wonder whether these post-Washington years have made him realise yet another inconvenient truth; If you want to make the world a better place you’re probably better off doing it outside of politics.
Daily Telegraph

Admit it, Trump lovers, the President gets things wrong

Ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt entered the Oval Office in 1933 the achievements of each administration have been measured by the fairly unrealistic yardstick of the first 100 days. Lucky for Roosevelt, he had the benefit of a Congress left reeling after the Great Depression, who would have pushed anything through to get the country moving again. He also didn’t have to deal with people shouting outrage on Twitter every five minutes.
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